Team 1

Executive Summary of BeGreen

In modern start-up culture incubators are key players in terms of supporting entrepreneurs in early founding stages. Providing workspace, networks and other crucial resources, they help to overcome issues on the way to becoming a successful company. The German chemical industry however, is lacking this huge innovative potential of an active start-up scene, in order to achieve the transition into a more efficient, more sustainable future. One of the main reasons for that are the very challenging obstacles in the founding process of Sustainable Chemistry startups. Incubators are not yet able to provide the necessary lab spaces, nor the infrastructures for chemical entrepreneurs to succesfully develop a new product. This is were BeGreen is going to help them!

This state-of-the-art facility right at the heart of Berlin will be the lighthouse, that attracts the brightest minds and most creative ideas tackling the problems that really matter in chemistry. BeGreen will be co-funded by the German government as well as industry partners but will act as an indepent innovation center providing exactly what Green Chemistry startups need. Of course that means giving them access to lab and work space, in which they can develop and optimise their products. But even more so the BeGreen facility wants to offer a whole range of ideational assistance, starting with a ThinkTank-like environment all the way to entrepreneural workshops and summer schools particularly for scientists. BeGreen will then support the whole process of analysing the market, prototyping and eventually finding investors. Even though an extraordinary amount of initial funding is required, the system will eventually become self sustaining. This is to be achieved through a commitment system, that makes sure that succesful startups reinvest into BeGreen and give others the chance to enjoy the same support, even in their early stages of development.

We are focussing all of those initiatives in a single facility which is bringing the Green Chemistry startup scene quite literally into the general public.  This is the kind of new approach we need in order to make the #chemiewende happen!