Team 2

Our idea in three sentences:


  1. We want to help entrepreneurs TACKLE THE UNKNOWN
  2. The Association of Chemistry Entrepreneurs (ACE) is a resource for start-ups, companies, and other stakeholders to connect, support each other and build a community.

Below we would like to present you the executive summary:

Executive Summary


Our team focussed on the perspective of entrepreneurs from chemistry that are in the process of founding a company or have reached the early “product to market” phase. They are experts in their field and aim to change the world with their ideas and make their product or service into a business.

Nevertheless the moment they take their knowledge and bring it into a business context they suddenly feel a great deal of uncertainty due to a lack of knowhow and experience. It takes them out of their field of expertise and throws them into a world they are not familliar with. They are facing a daunting unknown which is confusing, time consuming and sometimes discouraging to overcome and prone to make mistakes. Entrepreneurs desire a compass to navigate this unknown and reduce error and their start-up insecurity.

The Association of Chemistry Entrepreneurs (ACE) aims to help TACKLE THE UNKNOWN. ACE is providing Entrepreneurs with answers to their questions by actively connecting them to relevant experts, that was carefully selected beforehand.

The ACE is providing contact to experts in two ways: 1st by conncting on demand and 2nd by organizing events where experts and entrepreneurs can meet. However, ACE will make sure, that entrepreneurs are being introduced personally to break the ice and to integrate them into the community.

The Organization will operate a website that acts as a news channel, for exchange and events.

The format of the events will be innovative and encourage all stakeholder groups to to get involved and participate. Educational workshops can put necessary tools into the hands of potential and fresh entrepreneurs. Business and technical discussions offer an exchange of experiences for varied intrest groups. e.g. Speed dating is a fast and effective way of finding the right discussion or collaboration partner. Cross-Industry Innovation days bring in new perspectives and increase the overall potential for start-ups. By pitching event formats to companies or having companies bidding for sponsorships of events will break up the ridgid norm of event organisation.