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SMEtch is the reliable partner for finding the right startup which fits into your company’s portfolio. Inside the SMEtch box, a protected room for exchange, a broker with expertise in chemistry and networking analyzes solutions from startups that solve your problems. SMEtch helps you to meet your matching partner and to set up an agreement – finding solutions and driving innovation has never been easier.

Executive Summary


The German chemical industry is a key stakeholder of innovation, creates value for the society and tackles challenges that the future holds. However, the chemical industry has to address many diverse obstacles: climate change, finite resources, growing population and increasing competition.

German chemical startups hold a huge potential to add solutions that are not sufficiently exploited for industrial processes. Additionally, highly specialized niche markets often cannot be addressed by big companies as they are not in the main focus of the daily business. However, intensive collaboration between both sides can generate economic growth, improve efficiency, speed up innovation and increase welfare. Here, the German chemical industry is in a progress of recognizing this opportunity, but faces the issue to find startups, which fit into their portfolio of existing products, processes and services.

The solution is a reliable and protected entity designed to perform this task. SMEtch consists of an intermediary, the broker, which manages the content of the “SMEtch box”. Problems that arise in industry as well as solutions that are offered by startups enter a preselection process in order to get into the box. This comprises a revision of the industrial challenge proposal and an evaluation of a pitch deck, letters of interest, proof of concept, a business and a financial plan submitted by the startups. The broker has expertise in the chemical industry and networking and can therefore efficiently asses matches. All data which enters the SMEtch box is anonymized and is treated confidentially. Once a synergy has been identified, the broker can arrange in person meetings and help to set up arrangements.

SMEtch is a public-private partnership and connects all important stakeholders of the German chemical industry. It is a non-profit organization with the aim to foster innovation and creating value by linking traditional chemical companies with startups.

SMEtch finds and verifies viable startups and protects your IP. It provides an efficient solution and gives access to talents. SMEtch drives progress, fosters innovation and helps to adapt an entrepreneurial spirit.

Nina Fechler, Julian Grevesmühl, André Hermannsdorfer, Till Wolfram