Team 7

Our idea in three sentences:

Real chemists hanging the lab coat on the hook and telling their very personal story – introducing: The Everyday Chemist. By telling the Hero’s Journey of common chemists, the perception the general public has of chemistry is improved. And journalists have a tool they can rely on for finding worthwhile stories.

And below we would like to present you the executive summary:

Executive Summary

Journalists are describing the world for the audience they are adressing. When it comes to writing mainstream articles, topics on chemistry have a hard time making it into the media. The journalists are confronted with two major issues. The more obvious one is, that the general public is chemically uneducated and as chemistry is percieved as something bad, the interest in that field is very low. The second problem they face is, that scientist with worthwhile stories are not approaching the people that are able to put them into the spot light.

The Everyday Chemist is a new format that focuses on the chemists personal background rather than on her or his research. People. Like. Hero’s. And by telling the Hero’s Journey, chemistry gets a new and noble face. Due to the change in the general perception, chemistry-based articles become more interesting to the general public. People are able to talk about chemistry related topics on a new level of knowledge. But also The Everyday Chemist resembles a tool for journalists, that they can rely on to find out about interesting scientists with a rewarding story to tell. And thereby giving the scientists the platform they need to tranfer the idea of green chemistry to everyone.